Today’s post is about lessons learned our first week on the road.

1.  Slow down, enjoy the little stuff.

2. Refer back to number 1 often, lol.

Our second stop was in a little town called Onawa, Iowa.  We stayed at a nice little campground called On Ur Way.  The owners were very friendly and helpful, the sites spacious and shaded, but most important, they had a large dog run!  : )

On Ur Way

On Ur Way

A little side note, we aren’t sure when we will be brave enough to boondocks somewhere, but we think we will start planning something to break up our longer drives.

Welcome to Onawa, Iowa

Welcome to Onawa, Iowa

Onawa is an interesting little town, which most drivers would never have a chance to see.  Let’s start with the fact that it has the widest mainstreet in the United States.


Here it is, the widest Main Street in the U.S…. My wide angle lens was barely enough. : )

They are also the home of the Eskimo Pie.

Eskimo Pie!!

Eskimo Pie!!

We also found they have a wonderful Lewis and Clark Museum and exhibit.  Did you know that Lewis and Clark camped just outside of what is now Onawa??  Now you do.  We loved the museum and exhibits.  They had several replicas of the Keelboat used by L&C on their survey.

Lewis and Clark Keelboat replica.

Lewis and Clark Keelboat replica.

The one above was in Blue Lake.  The lake is actually an old part of the Missouri River, one of the meandering bends that was eventually silted up at either end to form a lake.  In Lewis and Clark’s day, it was still a part of the river.  Crazy to think that two hundred years and  few dams could change the Mighty Missouri so much.

Plaque marking L&C's camp sight.

Plaque marking L&C’s camp sight.

Sean standing by a second Keelboat on display in the museum.

Sean standing by a second Keelboat on display in the museum.

One display really made us think.  If you can read the description, the men on the trip basically brought one change of clothes for a multi year journey.  We laughed at this and imagined a conversation with one of these explorers in which we would compare how we are traveling.  Funny for us, after Sean had just repaired the closet clothes hanger.  : )

Sherry and the pups at our stop in Onawa.

Sherry and the pups at our stop in Onawa.

The fun thing about Onawa is it was an early reminder of why we wanted to do this trip.  There is so much to see in this country, so much we take for granted.

Well, more in a few days as long as our internet holds out.  Sean’s project in the next few days is to try and get our system up and running.  Fun times.

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