Our First Month…. and Glacier National Park

low res-7983Today marks a big milestone for us on our travels… Wow, milestone, travels… get it?  Well, today is our thirtieth day since moving into the RV.  One month ago we were leaving a very cold and rainy St. Louis and heading west.  Over the last few weeks, we have both remarked on how fast time is passing.  We plan to be on the road for a year and then make a decision where to settle down.  However, since leaving we have met several couples who had the same or similar plans, and have decided to keep going.  Who knows what the future will hold.  For now, all of us, pups included, have adjusted well and are loving seeing this country, meeting new people and making new friends.

So, the lesson for the day on RV life is stabilizers.  We don’t mean the type already on the RV, but supplemental ones to hold things like the kingpin and any slide outs you may have.  We did run across a lot of information about this as we were researching life on the road;  however, like the WIFI hotspot, it fell into the ‘let’s wait and see’ category.  Since leaving we have met and talked to several people who have had a variety of additional stabilizers on their RV’s.  Nobody had a negative word to say about them and constantly went over the many benefits.  Slide out supports help stabilize and take weight off the mechanism, especially if the slides will be out for an extended period.  Kingpin stabilizers help in overall stability and greatly reduce any ‘shake’ in a 5th wheel.  We have noticed some motion when we move around, especially when Bates (our big red dog) decides to jump on the bed.  So, we decided to look into the kingpin stabilizer when we arrived at Glacier.  It didn’t hurt that our new neighbors/friends had one on their 5th wheel and had positive comments about it.

We found a stabilizer at a local RV store, about the same price as you could find on Amazon, so we bought it.  After nearly two full days, we can attest that it greatly reduces any motion.  We also ordered slide-out stabilizers (found those cheaper on Amazon) and will put them in place when they arrive tomorrow.

King Pin Stabilizer.

King Pin Stabilizer… Oh, Sherry also had to have a garden so we bought a cherry tomato plant.

I mentioned earlier that today was our one month ‘anniversary’.  To celebrate, we headed into Glacier NP and drove along the ‘Going to the Sun’ road.  A truly breathtaking drive and white-knuckled in some areas when driving a large pickup.  There are plenty of turnoff areas on both sides of Logan Pass to stop and admire the scenery.

Sherry standing near some rapids on the West side of the pass.

Sherry standing near some rapids on the West side of the pass.

low res-7969



Our goal was Logan Pass, and we made it.  However, we should have followed the advice of our neighbors and left early as the small parking area was full when we arrived. Fortunately, we were able to park nearby and hike a trail following a creek up to some remaining snow (mini glaciers,

LOL).  We loved it, the temps have been in the low 100’s and upper 90’s but when we hiked it was breezy and in the upper 60’s.  Just for fun we threw snowballs at each other to say that we had a snowball fight at the end of June!  We plan on returning to the pass in the next few weeks and really exploring.  For now,  follow the link at the end of this blog to our website to view the photos we took on the drive to the pass and then leaving through St. Mary.

low res-8011

Piegan Pass trail and SNOW!

.        low res-7983








After we left the park, we followed an outside route that ran between Glacier NP and Lewis and Clark National Forest.   We stopped at a little town outside of the park that had a sign about “award winning huckleberry pie”. We’ve already tried the pie from one place because we were told that we couldn’t pass up trying all the different ways they use huckleberries around here.  We bought some huckleberry licorice too which is very good!  But we digress – we stopped at the little shop that had the award winning sign and bought two pieces of pie.  They were actually more delicious than the first pie we tried!  We will now have to make comparisons for all huckleberry pie in the area. It is a great responsibility, but we will do it for the good of all!


World’s Best Huckleberry pie location!

low res-8057

Largest Purple Spoon…

They also had the “World’s Largest Purple Spoon”, and you know we had to get a picture of that!








Life on the road after one month?  We’ve hit most of our early revelations we covered in earlier blogs.  Even as ‘non-material’ people, we realized how much ‘stuff’ one collects in a sedentary life.  More important, we realized that time together and memories collected as a couple are so much more important than stuff collected.  Overall, our first month has been beautiful, fun, and relaxing.  We have also realized that you cannot be scared of taking risks and saying “let’s see what happens”.  We have many more months to come that will hopefully be just as amazing!

We’ve been asked if we are sick of traveling yet, tired of being in a little box, or tired of each other… Nope, because our life isn’t in the box.  We find it wherever we are staying, the people we meet, and this beautiful country we call home.  We love being with each other and have already started talking about whether we want to do this for more than a year.  (We still want to start a family, and even though the pioneers found a way to keep babies in covered wagons across the country, a foundation and secured to the ground place to call home would be nice.)  Yes, it has only been a month, yes we know problems may arise, but it has already been more than we expected.  Here’s to the next 11 months… or more!

low res-8055

On the road outside of the east entrance of Glacier. Colors in photo are what they appear in life.

Check out all the rest of our photos from our recent Glacier visits!  http://www.loveyphotography.com/Traveling-Photography/Glacier-National-Park-Late-Jun/


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