***Warning – some subject matter in this post may not be for the faint of heart or weak of stomach.***

There were so many titles to choose from when we decided to write this blog.  While a delicate subject, we decided, since we are documenting all the fun, as well as the trials of our adventure, we would have to discuss this topic.  So, yes, the topic for the day is constipation.

OK, before going too much further, it isn’t our health, but the health of the RV we are discussing.  One of those many little things you can find in strange YouTube posts and other areas: “What to do with the clogged toilet in your RV?” Let’s go back to the beginning of the day.  It is July 4, and we are getting ready to head out to a small gathering at the RV park where we are staying.

Sherry getting ready to go out doing her best 'Poster' girl add for Huckleberry Beer.

Sherry getting ready to go out doing her best ‘Poster’ girl add for Huckleberry Beer.

Sherry noticed that the toilet bowl didn’t seem to be draining.  On checking the indicators, we saw that the tank was reading as full.  Hmmm, Sean was sure he had drained it that morning…  We checked the hose and tried draining the tank again, but there was no flow….  Sherry immediately checked online to see what solutions she could find.  One of the top choices was to boil water and pour it into the tank through the toilet.  Supposedly, the hot water would help to break down things faster and reports were that it could work within hours or overnight.  Another called for putting ice in the toilet and plunging.  Well, we elected to start with the boiling water. We will gloss over the smell and just say that it appeared to be marginally successful.  After several pots of boiling water, and minor flow from the drain, we followed the advice on YouTube and left it for a few hours.

A minor interlude before we return to the results of the hot water… um, sorry, no delicate way to put this, but to call it a hot water enema for our RV.   We have been doing the ‘right’ things when it came to tank maintenance.  Using RV paper, as well as tank solution, we even posted in an earlier entry about a great product we were given after one of our stays.  However, since arriving at our latest stop, Sean has been emptying the tank on a daily basis.  We now realize we shouldn’t have been doing that, it is best for the enzyme cleaners to leave the tank alone for several days.  Otherwise, the solid matter (like how clean that sounds) doesn’t dissolve.  We had also been putting off renovating our outside hose system.  We didn’t have a macerator and had heard that was good to have.  We do have a hose elevation system which works well to hold the hose and provide a steady downward slope to the sewer inlet.

Back to our fun.  On returning to the RV, we saw that there had been no movement in the system. It was still backed up (pun or puns intended).  Further research online called for more drastic measures, such as using a toilet wand… So, off we went to the 24 hour Wally World for some RV supplies.  On the way we decided to go as Cadillac (it is Wally World) as possible with our hose system.  So, we got a longer hose to replace our dual hose extension, a macerator, extra hoses, a toilet want and two new types of tank treatment.  Yes, we were prepared for anything.

Sherry prepping for RV surgery.

Sherry prepping for RV surgery.

Keep in mind, it is now a little after 10 PM, but we were not going to be beaten by our own toilet.  So, we changed out hoses, connected the macerator and turned it on, no luck.  We then decided to pull out all the stops, Sherry donned her special gear, we hooked up the wand and went to work.  Wonder of wonders, within seconds we noticed a difference!


Time for some post ‘surgery’ cleanup.

What did we learn?

1.  Don’t neglect the sewer system.

2.  We make a pretty good team when the you know what hits the fan.

Sorry, for this post we just don’t have more photos to share. 🙂

One thought on “Constipation

  1. Even with full hook-ups we leave the BLACK tank closed and only dump about once a week or when we hear the “magical” sound. The gauges never work so we go by sound and we do enough boondocking to know how long we can go. Keep in mind, there needs to be water/urine in the tank to dissolve the solids. A dry tank is a problematic tank. After dumping, when the fresh water rinse is connected I’ll add some Dawn dishwashing liquid down the toilet and let it swirl awhile. (think of the difference between washing dishes with and without detergent. By adding the Dawn it freshens the tank and the hose).
    Ah, yes just another adventure in the life of a full time RVer…. your living the dream, eh! Nice to see your sense of humor shine through; the most important trait of an RVer.


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