The Adventures of Maggie and Bates

Hi, human friends!

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The dog run in Odessa, MO at Country Garden RV Park

Mommy and Daddy said we could write a post about how much we enjoy traveling the country in an R.V.  We have seen (and smelled) SO much in the past three months!  We especially enjoy when there is a dog park at the R.V. park or in the area where we are staying.  There was a small dog run at the R.V. park in Odessa, MO, and an even better one in Wall, SD at a park called Sleepy Hollow.  It smelled like horses, so it must have had them fenced there a long time ago.  It was SO big for us to run and play.  It made it easier on Mommy and Daddy too.  They could give us (and them) a break from the leashes for a while!


Lounging in our favorite couch in front of the TV. Perry Mason must be on because we were sleepy…

As much as we love the dog parks, we love lying around inside even more! Maggie says that she really doesn’t like Bates, but she sure seems to like him when she needs a cuddle.  Our favorite thing to do inside is sit on the couch and watch MeTV.  There are shows about the old west, old wars, and silly shipwrecks.  We really like Daniel Boone!  He’s a great woodsman!  We may be a little spoiled, they leave the TV on for us whenever they do their hiking.  Sometimes, if they are going on a long hike they have a nice person come to let us out and play.

The best dog park we’ve ever seen is in a place called Whitefish, Montana.  We haven’t seen any fish yet, but there are a lot of dog friends we like to meet.  Bates likes to run and run and run when he is there, then he falls down and can’t run any more.  There is a separate area for “little” dogs like Maggie, but she doesn’t ever want to stay in there.  She thinks she’s a big dog too!  There’s a pond where dogs can swim, but mommy and daddy say that Bates is embarrassing when they let him in there.  He likes to pee in the water.  Maybe when he is older he will understand he can’t do that in his pool.  We both enjoy meeting other doggy friends and playing on the playground there.  We are SO tired after we play.

Well, we have to go eat, or sleep, or go outside now, so thank you for letting us tell you how much we have enjoyed our time so far on the road!  We love our mommy and daddy and being on the road with them.  They let us have morning “puppy piles” where we all lie on the bed and snuggle.  That’s the best time of the day!  We are two lucky pups!

Bark at you later, human friends!


Maggie and Bates

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