Cooking in the RV – Butternut Squash Soup

Hello Friends,

This post is our third video.  In it, Sherry will show how easy it is to make a nice hearty Butternut Squash soup while on the road.  If you enjoy the video, please like and share.  : )

We are curious to hear from you.  What sort of meals do you prepare on the road that are ‘just like home’?

Our next video will post on Wednesday and is of our train ride from Williams, AZ to the Grand Canyon.

Happy Trails!

4 thoughts on “Cooking in the RV – Butternut Squash Soup

  1. I don’t let my tiny kitchen keep me from making just about anything. Last month I baked a flourless chocolate cake for my daughters going away party. I surrounded the cake with chocolate dipped strawberries. Folks couldn’t believe I did this all from scratch in an RV. Sorry I can’t watch your videos right now…. data usage!


    • We have been fortunate to have had good data where we have stayed the last few stops. It made posting the videos easier. Not sure about our next few locations in Arizona and New Mexico. We will have to be sparing with our data then too.
      The cake sounds amazing. We have done our best to keep cooking like we would at home, it is funny how many people are amazed that we can really have ‘normal’ meals in an RV.
      When you get a chance we would love to hear your thoughts on the videos.

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  2. Your video was done well and informative. I would try that in our RV now. We generally keep it real simple at meal time and use the grill for a lot of the meals. We have a convection/microwave and have used it a few times and I like it. We only part time RV at this point but hope in the near future to be out full timing. I think your doing a great job on your videos.


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