Glacier NTL Park Montage Video


Below is our Wednesday video.  Just a short montage video of a few hikes we did in the park this summer.

On another note.  We are so grateful for the kingpin stabilizer as well as our slide out stabilizers! We are currently staying just outside Amarillo and have extended our stay a day to let the wind advisories lapse later this evening.   This morning it is blowing at a steady 30 MPH or greater with gusts over 50 MPH expected… Happening now.  Even with the extra support, our rig is shaking in the 50 MPH wind gusts.  Looks like everyone else at this site has decided to stick it out another day too.  Travel safe!

5 thoughts on “Glacier NTL Park Montage Video

  1. Your travels are a dream! We think alike.. looking at connecting with other like minded people. Also looking for followers on our blog, we are a small family of 3, plus a few pets, looking at starting our journey on the road with a 5th wheeler. We would be traveling around Arizona to start since we have to work for a little while and save money.
    Can’t wait to escape social expectations and suburbia life! We made the move from Minnesota to Arizona to start over.

    Safe travels!

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