A funny thing happened on the way to Florida….

Dear Readers,


First – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!!


Our Festive Decorations!


We apologize for the lack of posts the last month.  It isn’t that a lot hasn’t been happening.  No, far from it!  In future posts we will cover our mad dash from New Mexico to Dallas, where we had Thanksgiving with Sean’s daughter and son-in-law and were able to catch up with other family.  On the way we stopped and visited the Cadillac Ranch, weathered a crazy wind storm, crazier rain storms and terrible roads.  On leaving Dallas we raced across to the Florida Panhandle where we spent a day getting Florida registration and license’s.  Then it was off to Ft. Myers where we had a work camping job lined up.

low res-4738

That almost brings us to the title of today’s post. 🙂  If you have been following our blog you know we planned for a year on the road.  We have also been pretty good at adapting to changes on the road and living life as it happens.

So, our original plans included wintering in Florida till April then traveling again, probably up the East Coast.  We felt Florida might eventually be a permanent home for us and Sherry had been researching teaching jobs in the Keys and Homestead areas.  She was going to substitute teach through April and we would see if a job happened.    Well, when we accepted the work camping position Sherry put in applications to sub in the local district.  On our drive to Florida she received several e-mails from the district and was asked to bring her papers to a job fair.  The fair was scheduled the day after we arrived.  Well, we drove to the main office, Sean dropped Sherry so he could get a haircut.  Twenty minutes later, Sherry was texting that she had been offered a full time position teaching Honors Language Arts at one of the local High Schools!!!!  Crazy, we discussed it and she ended up accepting the position.  From an ethical perspective she couldn’t turn it down.   This course had been taught by subs for the first half of the year and it just didn’t seem right to not take it on since it was right in her specialty.

So, will we stay here?  Over the last month we have found so much we love about this area.  But, in keeping with our philosophy of taking life as it comes.  We have decided to see how the job goes and make a decision this June.  Decisions, decisions!

Oh, we have both been sick since arriving in sunny Florida!  Go figure, two days after arriving Sean was laid up for a week with a temperature and congestion.  Then Sherry got it.  Fortunately, she only took a few days to recover.  A good thing, since we decided to treat ourselves to a stay in Orlando and visit Disney to play and see the Christmas shows.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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