Glacier NTL Park Montage Video


Below is our Wednesday video.  Just a short montage video of a few hikes we did in the park this summer.

On another note.  We are so grateful for the kingpin stabilizer as well as our slide out stabilizers! We are currently staying just outside Amarillo and have extended our stay a day to let the wind advisories lapse later this evening.   This morning it is blowing at a steady 30 MPH or greater with gusts over 50 MPH expected… Happening now.  Even with the extra support, our rig is shaking in the 50 MPH wind gusts.  Looks like everyone else at this site has decided to stick it out another day too.  Travel safe!

Cooking in the RV – Butternut Squash Soup

Hello Friends,

This post is our third video.  In it, Sherry will show how easy it is to make a nice hearty Butternut Squash soup while on the road.  If you enjoy the video, please like and share.  : )

We are curious to hear from you.  What sort of meals do you prepare on the road that are ‘just like home’?

Our next video will post on Wednesday and is of our train ride from Williams, AZ to the Grand Canyon.

Happy Trails!

Second Edition – Outside the RV

Hello Friends,

We are back with the much anticipated second edition of the video tour of our RV.  🙂  In this edition, Sean does a tour of the outside features of our Bighorn and gives some information and insights we have gathered since starting this journey.  We thought it would be appropriate to thank our fellow bloggers and full timers.  We’ve learned so much from everyone and have truly enjoyed the process.

We do have two cooking videos we will post in the near future and would love to hear your thoughts and comments.  Do you like the videos?  Any topics you would like to see?

We also have several posts to catch up on with photos from stops at Lake Mead and Sedona.

Our First Video Post

Hello Friends!

We are expanding our blogging to the wonderful world of video and YouTube. In our first video we do a walkthrough of our RV with some of the insights we have gathered since starting our adventure.  We are hopeful that this will be helpful to anyone starting out as full timers, or amusing to you veterans. 🙂

We have also completed a video on the outside of the RV as well as a cooking video.  We would love your suggestions and comments, especially ideas you may want to see or read about in the future.

Happy Travels – Sean and Sherry

The Journey Begins

Hi World!  We are Sherry and Sean.  A husband and wife duo looking for fun and adventure!  And this is OUR story…

Before we discuss WHO we are, let us tell you WHY we decided to drop everything and travel the country in an R.V.  Short version – we want to see things.  And we don’t mean “take a vacation, spend three nights, snap a picture with the other hundreds of tourists, then go home” see things.  We mean to spend several weeks at a location and really understand the beauty, history, and culture of the area.  We want to get sick of seeing something like Mount Rushmore before we move on to the next destination.  We want to experience more than the average tourist.  So, we dropped jobs, house, cars, and “normal” life and bought a big truck and (soon) a 5th wheel R.V.

That being said, it is best to start our little adventure in the beginning, and the beginning for us was in 2013.  That year we were married on our sailboat, Tadaima.


Sean is a retired principal and for seven years Sherry taught middle school Speech and Theater, then high school Language Arts.  We realized about a year after being married that we really enjoyed traveling together.  We actually loved being in the car, listening to books on tape, and chatting.  After several car trips, we realized that we would often chat away 6 hours of driving with no radio or other distractions.  We learned that we travel really well together – we do not bicker, stress out each other, or any other nonsense.  One day we were taking a trip to Nashville to see Sean’s sister and we started discussing the possibility of moving to Key West.  Side note – Sean’s vision before he met Sherry was to retire in the Florida Keys and live on his sailboat.  We had discussed the idea of the sailboat and spent time staying on it.  We learned very quickly that Sherry gets seasick in the lower cabin of a boat and cannot spend extended periods of time on a boat without being heavily medicated.  😦  This revelation led us to start discussing possibilities other than living on a boat.  The revelation also led to the sale of the boat to a lovely couple who would give her the time and care she needed.  Back to the Nashville conversation – while we were chatting, a truck pulling an RV passed us and Sherry said, “What if we drop everything and buy a camper and travel the United States in it?”  Thus started our year-long adventure planning!

First, we made a few timeline scenarios.  Some of our scenarios included what would happen if Sherry were to get pregnant before (or while) we dropped everything.  This was another adventure we wanted – a baby. We have been trying for more than a year, and since we have not yet been successful in the baby department, we feel that a sign was never clearer that we should do this adventure while we were kid free.  This is a little sad because we want children with each other more than we can say, but time with each other is also something we hold very dear.  A baby would be an amazing tribute to our love and adoration for each other, but we can settle, for now, to have an awesome adventure.

There was a lot of planning to do to even get this project close to reality.  We knew we had several big purchase items on our timeline and we needed to quickly get up to speed on what we needed and wanted.  We did not own a tow vehicle and decided we needed to research and buy that first.  Yes, we were looking at RV’s at the same time, but the tow vehicle was primary. After months of research, we decided the Chevy Silverado was our truck of choice. In a later Blog entry Sean will probably outline our reasons for this choice.  Just this morning (Sept. 8, 2014), we signed the paperwork to be the proud owners of a 2015 Chevy Silverado 3500.  Since we are going to tow a vehicle, that is essentially the size of a studio apartment, we needed a truck with mucho power.  For us, the Chevy came out ahead in towing capacity, price, and comfort.  The short version is we went for the mechanical needs with the intent of adding accessories before we start our travels in June.  We will also be hauling two dogs with us on this adventure and the Silverado has a great extended cab with fold-up seats – perfect for “kenneling” dogs.

Sherry owned a Mini Cooper and before we traded it in, we took a photo of what it looked like up against our new monster truck!  Big difference!  🙂

mini and truck

The next few months our blog entries will describe our planning as we prepare to start our year long adventure. We are excited to start this journey and document our travels both in writing and pictures.