Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse Monument.  This was taken from the 'arm' of the monument.

Crazy Horse Monument. This was taken from the ‘arm’ of the monument. To get a sense of scale, you can see the heads of some other climbers in the lower right corner of the photo.

We have had a wonderful couple of days!  Back in St. Louis, at our garage sale of all places, we learned that this Saturday and Sunday were two of only four days in the year that allows visitors at Crazy Horse a chance to walk to the top!  How lucky are we?!  They call it the Volksmarch, and we got a medal like they give out in marathons.

IMG_1969 IMG_1972 The hike was a little brutal, but we blame it on the lack of exercise we’ve had lately, and the change in altitude…and we’re sticking to that story!  🙂

But really, the hike was wonderful – over 4 miles through the Black Hills around the monument.  We literally walked around the mountain as we worked our way up to the top.

high res-6578

You can see the tunnel and what will be the ‘arm’. If you look closely, you can also see the rough outline of the horses head beneath the hand.

The scenery was breathtaking with occasional glimpses of the face on the hill peering out through the trees.  We were so fortunate as the day before the area had seen heavy rain and storms.  For us, it was clear with occasional puffy white clouds.  A gorgeous day.

Learning the history and being up close to the work in progress was a humbling experience.  The closer we got to the top of the mountain, the more amazed we were at the sheer scale of the project.  The time and energy put into such a piece of artwork is awe-inspiring.  We would later learn that, when finished, this will be the largest work of it’s type in the world.  For another perspective, the heads on Mt. Rushmore would fit in the area behind the face on the image above.

Photo taken by a coupe we met while hiking to Crazy Horse Monument.

Photo taken by a couple we met while hiking to Crazy Horse Monument.

We met some really nice people as we trekked together.  Once nice couple took our photo, and then spent some time telling us about many of the local spots to see.

high res-6623

The artist’s scale rendition of what the final work will resemble.

This hike and exploration of the visitors center took us nearly the whole day.  We can’t wait to see Mt. Rushmore!